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Updated: Feb 27, 2013

Mission Statement

The Prescott Adventist Christian School endeavors to renovate the small school model as we…….


Create the highest caliber learning environment to allow students to achieve academically to the best of their ability,   


Connect with the local community and become a resource for community learning through a values based gardening programming,


Provide exceptional value to students and parents alike, 


continually Innovate the learning environment and systems that allow us to be successful so that it may be incorporated in other schools,


Focus the entire learning environment on ministries, molding children to desire to be part of God’s closing act,


Instill in the students Christian values to help them be in the world but not of it,


and Keep God at the center of it all!

Our Philosophy

The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes God as the ultimate source of existence and truth.  In the beginning God created, in His image, a perfect humanity—a perfection later marred by sin.  Through Christ and the Holy Spirit, God determined to rescue humanity from its lost state and restore it to His original perfection.  Through the Bible, He has revealed His will to the world, a revelation that supersedes all human reason.  Through His church on earth, He seeks to reclaim the lost for His kingdom.

Made in God’s image, every human being, although fallen, is endowed with attributes akin to those of the Creator.  Therefore, Adventist education seeks to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of other thoughts; loving service rather than selfish ambition; maximum development of one’s potential; and an appreciation for all that is beautiful and good.

To this end and purpose:

1.)    We believe in providing the students with the tools and the environment to develop as Christ did in His youth: i.e., “to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” Luke 2:52.

2.)    We believe that the foundation of all wisdom and truth is found in the Bible, and that students should be taught to reverence and obey the principle taught therein.  Cf. II Timothy 3:16.

3.)    We believe that young people should develop proportionally in mental, physical, and social graces, and that they be taught to do their best in all their endeavors in order to bring glory to God.  Cf. I Corinthians 10:31.

Safe and Sound video presentation
Few decisions are as important -- and potentially life-changing as choosing a school for your children.  In this video you will learn some of the history of Adventist Christian education.  Hear from some of our committed Christian teachers and see how Adventist Christian education provides a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.

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Journey to Excellence video presentation
Hear from administrators, teachers, parents and students about the quality academics, strong curriculum and integrated spiritual and moral content of our school.

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